Four lovely raccoons was trapped in a trash can

Danique, a student from Albany, New York, said: “My boyfriend lifted the lid on the dumpster and saw four raccoons staring back at him.

“He mentioned, ‘you’ve got to come and see this’. I was scared since raccoons have a reputation for getting aggressive.

“But when I looked inside they were just a bit bunch of sweethearts staring back at me.

“One of the raccoons was trying to come over to us but yet another 1 place a protective arm on its head like he was just holding him back.

Danique stated she thought the animals had been trapped within the bin for some time.

She stated: “They would not have been in a position to get out using the lid down. I assume a person should have closed it with no recognizing they were in there.

“Jeff place some cardboard against the side and immediately after a when they climbed out and ran into the bushes.”

Despite their short-term imprisonment, the raccoons are regulars at the dumpster where they scavenge for leftover food.

Danique mentioned: “Jeff regularly sees them but that is the first time we’ve ever taken pictures.

“He has put cardboard on the dumpster to assist them get out ahead of – the sides are as well higher for them to jump out.”

The opportunity encounter left a lasting impression around the 19-year-old international small business student.

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